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Add Romance to Your Marriage this Season of Love

With spring around the corner, it is high time we refreshed our wardrobes and our daily routines. When days are finally getting longer and warmer, when the Sun is not just a remote memory of summer long gone, we start to feel more energized and rejuvenated.

Everything around us awakens back to life after gloomy winter, and so do we. Spring is always a new beginning and it is a great idea to use it as an excuse to go about our everyday lives in a different way.

Spring is also the best time to think of bringing some excitement back to our bedrooms. Think of some ways to increase the pleasure that you and your partner derive from intimate moments.

We are so busy with all that errands and tasks, we all have these long, or I would say endless, to-do lists, that we usually tend to forget that everyone needs a moment of peace and pleasure. Even a superwoman we all are.

This spring, commit yourself to being good to yourself, do not feel guilty if not everything you were supposed to do is done immediately. These dirty dishes can sit in the sink for an hour or two.

Remember that when you are tired and anxious, you are probably hard to be around; on the other hand, your loved ones will undoubtedly benefit from being around a happy and relaxed version of you. Maybe when you get back home after long day at work or when your kids are finally asleep, you could prepare a nice bubble bath; sink in hot water, relax and think of something that makes you happy.

Your imagination is the limit here. Massage your whole body with some heavenly scented balm and then, to make you feel seductive and confident, wrap yourself in a body skimming chemise. Such a lovely piece of lingerie may be made of stretchy lace, may feature a scoop neck, lace detail trim and a matching thong or panties.

With this combination you will have everything you need to feel both sexy and comfortable. If you want to make your man fall in love with you yet again, wear a super flirty mesh chemise with ruffled hem and lace cups finished off with front bow accent.

Such a girly and sweet look has a potential to be utterly seductive. It is key to choose such a lingerie item that complements your figure, discreetly hides what needs to be hidden and exposes your best features.

Each one of us is shaped differently, we all like different models and obviously different models will suit us. Wearing sexy lingerie is the best way to boost your confidence, but you need to choose it wisely.

For those women who have curves and are not afraid to use them, a scalloped lace chemise with tall triangle cups will be a perfect match, highlighting all that is the best about feminine body. On the other hand, if your cleavage is a bit sporty and you feel like adding some extra volume there, choose from numerous models with underwire molded balconette cups with push-up padding.

If your body is always bikini ready, go for tight chemise or dress that envelops you like a glove; but if your six-pack is a work in progress, choose from loose fitting babydolls and show off your sweet side. No matter what you choose, rest assured your man will not stay indifferent to your charms.

You can choose from an amazing amount of shapes, colors and fabrics. Every woman will find something that catches her eye and takes her man’s breath away.

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